What is Pastebin

The lengh of the source-code has always been a problem at the communication between two programmers. Even small applications fill up several pages of code - while big projects with many functions make it impossible to maintain an overview. That is why Pastebin was developed.
Pastebin saves you code or text reliable and clearly. Furthermore, Pastebin highlights the chosen syntax for many coding languages.
By means of Pastebin, everyone is now capable to show text or code to a wide community without exceeding limits of Forums or Message-Boards. Pastebin also numbers, even further, text lines so discussing about a piece of code is way easier and clearer.
Summarized, Pastebin is a service which is primarily oriented for programmers, which want to share source-code and don't want to miss the clarity and syntaxhighlighting of a normal compiler.

But also for everyone who wants to share text, chat-logs or error-logs, Pastebin is a big help.
PasteHub.net reserves the right to delete Spam or Abuse without notice.

Which paste visibility should I use: unlisted, private, visible?

We strongly suggest to use the private or unlisted function if you don't want your paste to be visible to all users!

How can i see the difference between my original code and a changed code?

If someone changes your code, you can see the difference by clicking on "show difference".

How many Pastes may I submit?

There is no limit in sending new Pastes, so you can paste as much as you want at a day. But we have a Spam-check which may prevent you from sending a very large amount of pastes in a very short period of time. We can not provide further information about the spam control since it wont remain in effect otherwise. If you have further questions about this point, feel free to ask via email: contact@pastehub.net.

Is this service for free?

Yes, PasteHub.net is completely free and you do not have to register. However, a registered user has more features at his disposal!

Do I have to register?

No, there is no registration requirement. But you should read the above.

Why is a cookie saved?

The cookie saves your language settings and style preference.

Is it possible to delete a paste?

Yes, just click on "Report Abuse" and fill in the form. We will delete the paste as soon as possible.

What is NOT allowed to post here?

- login details of any accounts, ssh-logins etc.!

- email lists!

- foreign source code, on which you do not held copyrights, e.g. STOLEN!

- personal information or anyother data related to private informations!

- pornographic information/data!

- spam links or anything related to!

PasteHub.net relies on your help to prevent potential abuse and spam. However, we will act immediately if the above is not respected!

Why can I access certain posts directly, but I do not find them in the archive?

This occurs when the contribution was reported as abuse. Should actually a misuse be determined, the entry will be deleted.